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Mary's Song: A Pride & Prejudice Variation

Three of the Bennet sisters have found love, now it's Mary's turn.

When Mary Bennet is dragged to the annual Netherfield Ball, she only has one thing on her mind: Conquering her fear of the estate's pianoforte. But when she discovers Mr. Thorne playing the dreaded instrument, she cannot help but correct him when he makes a mistake. Will this irritating gentleman ever leave Mary alone to conquer her fear, or are the sparks flying from their verbal jousting leading to something more?

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Sister of the Circuit

Isidore RAM is a hexer, but she wants to be so much more.
In the nation of Apotheosis, the Church of Technology is both government and state religion, and the virtual world they call the Circuit is their god. 

Those that travel the Circuit are hexers, and the Church’s elite police force charged with protecting the Circuit at all costs, are known as Sisters of the Circuit. On the day of her final exam to become a Sister, Isidore RAM runs into something that shouldn’t be: an AI that can change the sacred Code of the Circuit. Isidore is framed for this blasphemous alteration of their god, and is ousted from the training program and the religion in one fell swoop.
Ejected into the dystopic remains of Orange County, now known only as the Osee, Isidore is determined to clear her name and earn her way back into her beloved religion. To do that she must track down any information she can about this mysterious AI and bring proof of her innocence back to the Church. With the help of a pair of mech-riding scavengers, a former hexer with a mysterious secret, and a forger with a penchant for latin cooking, Isidore searches for the truth about what really happened to her that day on the Circuit.

Together they must answer the most important question of their lives: What is CRI-LUX?

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Untitled Regency Romance

Follow the romantic tale of a woman whose heart is ice itself, and the self-effacing surgeon's apprentice who loves her. Set in a small village in Lancashire, UK in the early 1800s.

Due out 2022

Coming Soon
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